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Sewage Contamination and Remediation Limitations, Complexities and Conflicts

A sewage backflow into a home is a serious problem.  Depending on volume and other factors, it may create severe sewage contamination in the indoor environment with potentially extreme health risks.  Sewage contamination has the potential to be much more unsafe than even the most severely mold contaminated environment.  Yet many homeowners and property managers are not aware of these facts and often underestimate the potential health and safety risks.  This brief article on sewage contamination is intended to help address this disparity between perception and reality.

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What to Do If Excessive Formaldehyde Is Found in Your Home’s Air

When excessive formaldehyde is found in your home’s air, particularly from laminate flooring, what should you do?

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Formaldehyde Screening and Testing Methods Used In Home

When formaldehyde screening and testing is performed, it is very critical that a qualified indoor air quality expert handle the procedure.

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What You Should Know About Formaldehyde Exposure in Home

When it comes to formaldehyde exposure in your home, there are two very important points to remember:

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Making sense of the Formaldehyde Emissions Standard and Laminate Flooring

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) to date has, we believe, the only applicable regulation for formaldehyde emissions in the country, but is legally applicable only to products sold in California.

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Lumber Liquidators Air Test Kits for Laminate Floors – ABC Action News Report (Video)

Lumber Liquidators, a nationwide company, has had numerous complaints from homeowners regarding the Chinese-made laminate flooring. However, the concern has also been noticed in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Lumber Liquidators, in response, began providing free air test kits to their customers using a local lab in the Tampa area.

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Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in your Home

One of IET’s most frequently asked questions is, “How can I improve the indoor air quality in my home?” This is, of course, a very big topic but here is a basic overview of ways to improve indoor air quality in your home.

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Latest on Chinese Drywall: Taishan Gypsum Company to Pay Damages

In 2010, a federal court ruled that the Chinese drywall firm, Taishan Gypsum Company (owned by the Chinese government), was liable for damage to seven Virginia homes caused by contaminated drywall they had manufactured.  This case  would possibly have been expanded to all homes affected by drywall from this company.  However, the Chinese drywall company stopped showing up for court and did not pay the damages ordered.

However, on March 17, 2015, Taishan returned to court and agreed to pay the court-ordered damages to the Virginia families.

See latest New York Times article on this topic

For further information, click here to see courts filings in the case


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What is the purpose of air and surface mold sampling or testing during assessment?

As part of determining whether an indoor environment is contaminated with excessive amounts of mold and requires remediation, Indoor Environmental Technologies (IET) routinely performs air and surface mold sampling or testing. While there are many types of mold sampling, IET uses two of them the most:

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Elevated Formaldehyde Testing Levels Found in Laminate Flooring Homes (Video)

Indoor Environmental Technologies’ president, Will Spates, was interviewed by CNBC and explains what his experience has been thus far in testing formaldehyde levels in homes that have Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring and the methods used for formaldehyde testing.

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