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At Indoor Environmental Technologies (IET), we make the invisible world visible. We begin with an experienced staff of highly-trained professionals utilizing the most recent advancements in applied building health sciences. We investigate the chemicals, particulates, moisture and mold contaminants that make both the building and the people inside them unhealthy. Further, we ensure that appropriate and cost-effective remediation/restoration is performed to meet or exceed our high standards. Through due diligence and thorough documentation, your liability is minimized and/or reduced. The result—peace of mind knowing that a healthy indoor environment exists and is being maintained for you, your building and its occupants.

About Indoor Environmental Technologies

Since 1992 and with over 9,000 residential and commercial inspections performed, Indoor Environmental Technologies (IET) continues to lead the industry in investigating indoor environmental issues. Our mission remains the same — to inspect, detect and correct environmental challenges within a building through applied science— to protect the health and well being of occupants and the value of property. Furthering our cause, we have established new industry standards for optimal building health and have contributed to ongoing education and certification processes within the industry. Satisfied clients range from single family homes to high-rise condos, office towers, hotels and commercial and manufacturing properties. Our clients are found throughout Florida and the southeast US, and as far afield as Canada, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Did You Know?

IET building inspections provide you with information on health, safety, security and cost savings; all benefits of our services improve the quality of your indoor environment and performance of your building.


Member Affiliations


IET is proud to be associated or affiliated with the following organizations.

National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)
Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)
Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)
American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC)

Affiliate Memberships
American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

International Facility Management Association (IFMA)


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