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Latest on Chinese Drywall: Taishan Gypsum Company to Pay Damages

In 2010, a federal court ruled that the Chinese drywall firm, Taishan Gypsum Company (owned by the Chinese government), was liable for damage to seven Virginia homes caused by contaminated drywall they had manufactured.  This case  would possibly have been expanded to all homes affected by drywall from this company.  However, the Chinese drywall company stopped showing up for court and did not pay the damages ordered.

However, on March 17, 2015, Taishan returned to court and agreed to pay the court-ordered damages to the Virginia families.

See latest New York Times article on this topic

For further information, click here to see courts filings in the case


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Elevated Formaldehyde Testing Levels Found in Laminate Flooring Homes (Video)

Indoor Environmental Technologies’ president, Will Spates, was interviewed by CNBC and explains what his experience has been thus far in testing formaldehyde levels in homes that have Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring and the methods used for formaldehyde testing.

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Humidity and Formaldehyde Emissions in Florida Homes

With all the discussion about this issue, we think a potentially important factor may be going unnoticed.  This is the role of humidity or moisture content in the formaldehyde emissions from laminate flooring and other materials.

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Latest on Formaldehyde Lab Tests of Chinese-made Laminate Floors

Sunday evening, March 1, 60 Minutes stated that the majority of samples of Lumber Liquidators Chinese-made laminate flooring submitted to two certified labs contained levels of formaldehyde exceeding the limits set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), despite the laminate flooring being labeled as in compliance.

Click to read latest CBS story on formaldehyde lab tests of laminates

Click to see full test results (pdf zip file download)

Formaldehyde Emissions from Laminate Flooring in Homes

Recently, our office received numerous calls in response to a 60 Minutes expose on Lumber Liquidator’s importing of noncompliant materials from China into California. This involves elevated formaldehyde emissions from laminate flooring in homes.

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