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What is Mold?

What is mold in buildings?

Concern about mold exposure in buildings continues to be a significant issue. The bottom line is that mold has been around for eons and is not going away.  It will grow whenever and wherever buildings get wet and materials suitable for microbial growth are present. So what is mold exactly and its effect on buildings?  This article provides a general overview on this topic.

[Updated 2019 – Originally posted Sept. 5, 2014]

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Smell A Musty Odor In My House: Mold Problem Or Something Else?

musty odor in home.

What is that smell? Odors in a home can originate from a variety of sources, including chemicals, bacteria and mold and these odors may vary from mildly sweet to very unpleasant.  Some describe it as a musty odor in their home. Read more

Hurricane Flood Damage Cleanup: Performing it Safely | 2019 Season


Major flood damage cleanup after a hurricane disaster is certainly a daunting assignment to take on. The relief efforts can be overwhelming, both physically and emotionally.  For example, many who evacuated the Carolina coast from last year’s Hurricane Florence were no doubt anxious to return to their homes and begin the flood cleanup as quickly as possible. However, homeowners must be aware that the safety hazards from a storm like this do not go away when the water drains out of their house.

With the 2019 hurricane season approaching, there are some important reminders and resources here we feel can be useful after the storm hits. When beginning flood disaster cleanup following a hurricane, there are significant health and safety risks to be aware of, both immediate and long-term, whether it’s associated with river or ocean flooding.

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