What to Do If Excessive Formaldehyde Is Found in Your Home’s Air

When excessive formaldehyde is found in your home’s air, particularly from laminate flooring, what should you do?

One clear option is to remove the problem laminate flooring. Then you can simply replace it with a flooring type that does not cause this problem.  Unlike many other chemicals of concern, formaldehyde dissipates rapidly once its source has been removed. However, this approach can be expensive and disruptive.

If formaldehyde concentrations are not too far above recommended limits, an equally effective way could be to increase ventilation in the home.  Many newly built homes, as discussed above, have insufficient natural ventilation.  An assessment from IET can use what is called a blower-door test. This test can measure the degree of air-tightness and recommend the appropriate amount of mechanical ventilation.

Important Note:  For most of the year, Florida fresh air is very humid. Bringing untreated fresh air into the home raises the humidity load on the structure considerably, and can often have a negative effect on indoor humidity possibly leading to mold growth and other problems developing.  There are ways of tying the fresh air intake into the home’s AC system that may be able to address this concern adequately.  Consult with a licensed HVAC expert.

There are also appliances that can be integrated into the home’s HVAC system that provide dehumidified fresh air.  These appliances, properly installed, ensure humidity control year-round, even during part-load or no-load periods, such as during cool periods of the winter.  They also ensure the home is positively pressurized relative to the exterior, which has a host of benefits for both the home’s environment and its occupants.

Since 1992, IET continues to lead the industry in investigating indoor environmental issues. We provide formaldehyde screening in the entire Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida.

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