Homeowner Concerns About Air Quality in Florida Properties On The Rise

indoor air quality concerns in home

Florida’s real estate market is in a state of constant new construction growth and existing home turnover the last several years.  Whether building your dream home or purchasing an older home that has been listed on the market, possible indoor air quality concerns for homeowners in Florida should be a major priority during your search. Learn about how you can make sure your future home’s indoor air is safe and healthy by addressing these concerns BEFORE you buy.


Concerns of Air Quality During New Construction

Opting to build a new home will provide you with the greatest opportunity to ensure your indoor air quality is healthy. During the past decade, home builders have documented a sharp increase in the number of buyers looking for Eco-friendly building materials. From cabinets to flooring, home buyers want to purchase materials that are sustainable for the environment and free of dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde.

Builders that can address a buyer’s health concerns about toxic building materials and indoor air quality have a higher perceived home value and positive brand impact when compared to other builders. Home buyers are willing to spend more money to select from Eco-friendly building materials that are not only better for the environment but that are also better for your family.

The HVAC systems are the lungs of your home and should perform properly. It should provide a means of air exchange by design, not only when doors and windows are opened.  Fresh air exchange and humidity control helps create a healthy indoor room climate.

Air Quality Concerns for Homeowners When Buying An Existing Homehome indoor air quality

When looking to purchase an existing home, it will require more diligence on your part to ensure you and your family will be breathing clean, healthy indoor air. A home inspection by a highly trained professional should alert you to the presence of organic threats such as mold but you will need to go the extra mile in making sure the home does not contain dangerously high amounts of other chemical toxins or stale air.

The recent media coverage concerning high formaldehyde levels found in laminate flooring purchased through Lumber Liquidators has increased consumer awareness in regards to the number of household items and building materials that contain toxic levels of chemicals. As more consumers become aware of the chemical hazards found in flooring, common furniture and cabinet adhesives, particle board furniture, and dozens of other building materials, consumer demand for safer building materials is on the increase.

Why Have An Air Quality Test Performed?

The only way you can be certain the indoor air you and your family are breathing is healthy is by a comprehensive inspection with an indoor air quality screening test to alert you to the presence of indoor air pollutants. Before buying a home, IET can pre-screen the property so you will know in advance the types of environmental challenges that may be present. This assessment will provide you with an extensive and accurate assessment of a home’s indoor air before you move in.

Feel free to Contact IET to learn about our services or schedule an inspection.

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