Lumber Liquidators Air Test Kits for Laminate Floors – ABC Action News Report (Video)

Lumber Liquidators, a nationwide company, has had numerous complaints from homeowners regarding the Chinese-made laminate flooring. However, the concern has also been noticed in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Lumber Liquidators, in response, began providing free air test kits to their customers using a local lab in the Tampa area.

Recently, the ABC Action News I-Team investigated the matter and interviewed Will Spates of Indoor Environmental Technologies (IET) for his expert opinion on the subject.

I-Team Investigator Jarrod Holbrook asked Will Spates specifically about the kits offered by Lumber Liquidators. “In your expert opinion are these kits effective enough to get the job done?”

“I would consider them a very low end way to evaluate what’s going on in a home and they really are not capable of telling a client whether there’s a risk or not, based on conversations with homeowners who have not received their test results sent to the lab over six weeks ago” Spates said.

Formaldehyde Testing for Lumber Liquidators flooring

The goal of IET’s formaldehyde test is to determine and document the current conditions in your home related to elevated formaldehyde levels from Lumber Liquidators composite laminate flooring and other internal sources. IET will then provide you with the necessary information to make informed decisions related to the nature of the conditions in your home, and the steps necessary to return the home to conditions typical of properly functioning buildings. Since 1992, IET continues to lead the industry in investigating indoor environmental issues in residential and commercial properties.

We provide formaldehyde testing in the entire Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


  1. James says:

    Our flooring was installed last December (2014) just a couple of months ahead of the 60 Minutes story. We had the IET testing done which is expensive; however, they found high levels in two areas with severely high levels in our study (more of a closed room vs. the open family room). Home Depot has a limited selection of flooring but will install a whole house for $500. We paid over $1700 to LL for the install and a similar amount for flooring material.

  2. Bob says:

    Hello from San Diego,
    We sent our Lumber Liquidators formaldehyde tests back to the lab in early March. To this date we still don’t know if your floors are safe. We’ve sent numerous emails to several different people without a reply. I wonder if other people with test kits ending with LL are having the same issue. Do you think Lumber Liquidators and the testing company are hiding the tests that come back as high levels formaldehyde?

    • IET says:

      Many people are suspicious of collusion between Lumber Liquidators and firms they have hired to do their testing. IET has seen no evidence of impropriety, but obviously the labs given this work have the potential to make a lot of money and therefore an incentive to keep their client (Lumber Liquidators) happy so they keep sending them more business.

      IET prefers to work directly for a property owner or insurance company and therefore avoid even the appearance of impropriety.


      Timothy D. Toburen, Environmental Consultant

  3. Simon says:

    I submitted my testing a couple of weeks ago and just contacting the formaldehyde test lab yesterday. They explained they’ve been overwhelmed with the influx of tests reporting nearly 40,000 units of backlog creating a 4 months lag distributing results. This obviously wasn’t completely thought out and we are now held at the mercy of what now sounds like a collusion.

    • IET says:

      In reply to your statement, this is what we have found to be the case with all of our clients who have attempted to have their Lumber Liquidators samples analyzed. You should be careful of the tests offered on the web for formaldehyde testing as many of them are very confusing and do not provide accurate data. There is one manufacturer from China whose reagents leaked prior to opening the kit resulting in very erroneous levels being reported.

      We are located in Clearwater, FL and if you are in the area, feel free to contact our office and we can provide an on-site formaldehyde assessment with results available upon completion of the air sample which takes about 30 minutes. Feel free to contact me at 727-446-7717 if you have any questions.

      Will Spates
      President, IET

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