Why Hire an Indoor Air Quality Expert or Consultant?

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Indoors. That is where most people spend their time. With that said, it is important that the indoor air quality (IAQ) surrounding us is healthy. Increasing rates of childhood asthma, allergies and poor general wellbeing, as well as learning and behavioral problems have been linked to poor IAQ in buildings, in homes and offices. Mold, particulates and chemical contaminants can all contribute to comfort or health challenges indoors.


So the question arises, “Why hire an IAQ expert?” Here are a few key reasons why an IAQ expert or consultant can be of great benefit:

  1. Cost Savings. Hiring an IAQ expert requires an investment. However, the long-term return on this investment can significantly outweigh the cost. The consultant can diagnose the building and measure the indoor air to detect small problems in your property, even concerns you may have not been aware of or considered, before they become a major IAQ issue. Also, better environmental conditions can improve productivity and comfort.
  2. IAQ historical baseline for your home or office. The development of an appropriate sampling strategy and the use of the proper sampling equipment are necessary to establish a baseline for your building. Having this information about your home or office can allow easier and more accurate detection of changes in the future within the indoor environment.
  3. Peace of Mind.  Knowing that your family or employees are working or living in a healthy indoor environment can be priceless.

Indoor Air Quality Expert Services

Since 1992, Indoor Environmental Technologies’ (IET) has been performing IAQ expert services for residential and commercial properties. Our inspection and testing methods has given our clients baseline IAQ levels and the necessary recommendations to make informed decisions on how to improve IAQ and building health within their residential or commercial property. Our IAQ consulting services are provided in the entire Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. Visit our IAQ testing service page for more info.

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